About Us

    Members during Tiger Survey inside Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary, Nuapada District in Orissa, with forest staff during 1999


    In the year 1997 took shape an organization christened WILD ORISSA, starting of as an association of just few individuals. The objectives for the just born organization were laid down as follows:-

    1. To create awareness among the people and the youth, on the importance of conserving nature and the natural environment and its bearing on all life and life support systems

    2. To strive towards conservation of our wildlife, in all its forms, in their natural surroundings

    3. To promote among the people the knowledge of flora, fauna and their role in maintaining the ecological balance and to inform the public the threat to the environment and to generate strongest possible support to prevent any wanton destruction of nature in all it’s forms viz. fauna, flora, habitats, sanctuaries, national parks, lakes, soils, landscapes, water, air and other natural resources and to work for their protection

    4. To promote and participate in activities towards the improvement of the environment of urban and semi-urban areas

    5. To strive towards arresting the decline of our major wildlife forms, in co-operation with other similar organizations and the government

    6. To undertake field studies, conduct work shops, set up camps etc. in an effort to study the status of our wild fauna and flora

    7. To bring out a periodic newsletter or journal on various aspects of nature and wild life conservation and all allied matters

    8. To engage in any other activity that is commensurate with the above said objectives

    A logo in color with the head of the Panthera tigris in a green Orissa, signifying the ethos of the organization was designed and taken up as Wild Orissa’s hallmark for the years to come. It was understood that as citizens of this great country it has been enjoined upon us by the Constitution of India to protect our wildlife, forests, environment, etc. [Article 51(g) of the CONSTITUTION]. Care to chart out the course for Wild Orissa’s activities for the years to come were made. It was, and continues to be, that interventions of Wild Orissa shall be program based where it was to be ensured that within the narrow confines of financial resource crunch, efforts are to be dove-tailed towards a well laid down objective. It was also laid down that Wild Orissa would provide a mature platform for the cause of wildlife and nature conservation in the country. Slowly the small brigade of original initiators were joined by individuals from many diverse fields/professions like Police, Customs, Banking, Chartered Accountancy, Administration, Forests, Students, Wildlife Research, Public Sectors, Lawyers, etc.  The selfless character and non-profit motives has moved individuals to join the Wild Orissa movement.