Wild Elephant Conservation Program

    The Wild Elephant Conservation Program started in the year 2000 has focused on the problem of vanishing elephant corridors, apart from the year round problem of Orissa losing its mature tuskers to poaching. More than 100 adult tuskers have laid down their lives in a short span a few years, and this trend is in urgent need for reversal before it is too late. ‘Wild Orissa’ plans to involve the attention of the planners and policy makers to take the question of elephant habitat while delineating plans for the state. Members have been associating with the state forest department personnel in elephant count exercise in areas like Keonjhar, Chandaka, Ushakothi, etc. and undertaking field visits to assess the elephant habitats and problems which crop up like the Rengali Irrigation Project which has marooned a large population of elephants in Dhenkanal and Cuttack districts. A National Symposium for Conservation of Wild Elephants in Orissa is being organized shortly.